Panoramic Ferris wheel in Rimini


The new attraction in Rimini that everybody talks about !


Also this year the biggest attraction of last summer is coming back…the Ferris wheel !

Directly from Netherlands, also last summer it was a point of interest for all the city and for many tourists who visited it. This year it has already arrived and it will stay here until the middle of September.

With its 42 cabins, it is ready to welcome every day  thousands of tourists who desire to enjoy the landscape from the bird’s eye view.

Rimini is the first Italian city that welcomes the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, that will be visible along all the coast, from Cesenatico to Gabicce.

The ticket costs 8,00 euro for adults and 6,00 euro for children, but there are also special packages for families or groups.

The tallest Ferris wheel of Europe is here in Rimini waiting for you ! Don’t miss it